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Trim Head Screws Fine Thread Phillips Cross Drive
Trim Head Screws Fine Thread Phillips Cross Drive
  • Products Name: Trim Head Screws Fine Thread Phillips Cross Drive
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Trim Head screws are an excellent choice for most fine carpentry applications and more. Trim Head screws are also ideal for the installation of window extension jambs. Our Trim Head screws have the smallest screw head on the market; with sizes available from 1"1/4(30 mm) to 5"(125 mm), users have plenty of choice.
The Trim Head screws exceptionally small head, along with the W-Cut™ thread design, prevent most material splitting. Pre-drilling is only necessary if the building materials limitations require a pilot hole to be drilled.
Trim Head screws come with 1200+ salt spray hours Climatek™ corrosion protection. This will come in very handy when using our Trim screws in vinyl or composite decking.
Trim Head screws are self-tapping screws with a W-Cut™ thread design, ZipTip™, and Climatek™ coating.
Look like finishing nails and can be used wherever you need the holding power of a screw but also require an unobtrusive look.
From 25mm to 64mm Or From 1" to 2 1/2"
Black Phosphated,Grey Phosphated,Zinc,Yellow Zinc

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