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ColorGuard Screws
ColorGuard Screws
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ColorGuard Coating is a new developed technology of high-grade anti-corrosion surface treatment. It gives the fasteners better protection against rust corrosion. However this protection gives no harm and is even much gentler to the Earth because no chromium is contained. In the mean time, different colors can be chosen by you for various purposes.
Why do we need "no Chromium" Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6) has been used for long time in plating and it is widely agreed to perform very good in anti-corrosion. But it is also treated as a factor causing cancer. According to the report from IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, U.S.), Cr+6 is classified as one of the carcinogens.
Why can ColorGuard perform good in corrosion resistance The ColorGuard coating contains 3 layers, the 1st layer: Zinc Coating (Non Chromium) the 2nd layer: High-grade Polymer organic binder the 3rd layer: High-grade Polymer organic top coat The use of S-Polymer organic material on 2nd layer performs very well as cross-linking, which makes top coat strongly joining on and against scratches. Once if the top coat can stand well on surface, the possibility of base metal getting rust will be zero.
The advantage of using color: To make fasteners colorful was considered as nonsense or impossible. The new developed ColorGuard coating makes it possible and interesting. No matter the purpose you need the fasteners colored is to make the whole panel/structure in same color, or to identify what length of screws you have driven (you can see nothing but the head only after the screw is driven into wood...), we offer you many different beautiful colors.

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