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Self-tapping Screws
Self-tapping Screws
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Tapping screws are threaded fasteners with unique ability to "tap" their own mating internal thread when driven into performed holes in metallic and non-metallic materials. apping screws are high strength, one-piece, one-side-installation fasteners. Self-tapping is the ability of a screw to advance when turned, while creating its own thread. This ability is sometimes created by a gap in the continuity of the thread on the screw. These edges cut a thread as the screw is driven in to the material. The cutting edge drills away the material, leaving a hole for the screw to go into.

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Others
Diameter Range : M 3.0~ 6.0 or #6~ #14
Length : 12~ 220 mm
Coating: Zinc or Yellow Plated?Ruspert? Dacrotized or Black Phosphoted?others

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