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Self Drilling Screws with Wings(Timber to Steel)
Self Drilling Screws with Wings(Timber to Steel)
  • Products Name: Self Drilling Screws with Wings(Timber to Steel)(CCC04)
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Products Infomation

Self drilling screw with wings flat head.
Wood and metal one time finish.
Ruspert coating 1,000hrs.
Mechanical dacromet 500hrs, 1,000hrs, 40µ
Sample purchase.

Description Steel Thickness Timber Thickness
10*25mm 2PT 1.5mm to 3.5mm 8mm Maximum
10*38mm 2PT 1.5mm to 3.5mm 20mm Maximum
10*50mm 2PT 1.5mm to 3.5mm 32mm Maximum
12*40mm 2PT 1.5mm to 4mm 20mm Maximum
12*60mm 2PT 1.5mm to 4mm 40mm Maximum
12*80mm 2PT 1.5mm to 4mm 60mm Maximum
12*100mm 2PT 1.5mm to 4mm 80mm Maximum
12*125mm 2PT 1.5mm to 4mm 105mm Maximum
12*60mm 5PT 4mm to 12.5mm 25mm Maximum
12*85mm 5PT 4mm to 12.5mm 50mm Maximum
12*109mm 5PT 4mm to 12.5mm 75mm Maximum

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