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Phosphate Coatings Screw
Phosphate Coatings Screw
  • Products Name: Phosphate Coatings Screw
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Products Infomation

Zinc Phosphate is a corrosion resistant coating for metal surfaces, providing a grey-black coating for medium- and low-alloy steels. An adherent layer of zinc crystals produced on steel surfaces by reaction of the surface metal to the phosphate solution. The resulting phosphate coatings are used for corrosion resistance, lubricity, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting.
The basic zinc phosphate coating can only withstand 24 hours in a standard salt spray test (ASTM B117). However, with modifications and additional sealers, salt spray resistance can exceed 100 hours, ir required.
Improve corrosion resistance by providing a good base for absorbing and retaining rust preventive materials and sealers
Good lubricity
Provide and excellent base for holding lubricants and drawing compounds.
Prolong the life of organic coatings.
Provide good paint bonding.

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