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Electroplating Screw
Electroplating Screw
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The workhorse coating of the fastener industry. Electroplating involves immersion of the items to be coated in a solution containing metal ions and applying an electric current to uniformly coat the surface. Zinc is the most common metal surface plating, due to a good balance of galvanic corrosion protection and relatively low cost. However, a similar process can be used to coat steel fastener substrates with other metals (nickel, tin, etc.).
Coating characteristics: Zinc electroplated coatings are bright coatings that are thin - typically around 3-20 microns and are not suitable for exterior use where durability is required. A chromate conversion process is frequently applied to zinc platings to improve their durability, especially for fastener applications.
Common Colors: Clear, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Thickness: 3-25 microns
Chromate Valence: Available in hexavalent (Cr6) or trivalent (Cr3, RoHS compliant)

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