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Lock Screw(Biseal 0630)
Lock Screw(Biseal 0630)
  • Products Name: Lock Screw(Biseal 0630)
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BiSeal 0630 is a new wax based material designed to seal sheet metal holes upon installation of the coated fastener.

BiSeal 0630 is factory pre-applied below the head of the fastener to seal along the threads and around the bottom of the head in sheet metal attachments.

•Automotive body panels.
•Sheet metal enclosures.

BiSeal 0630 is amber in color, dry to the touch and ready for immediate assembly upon receipt by the customer.
BiSeal 0630 seals against moisture, air and environmental contaminants.

BiSeal 0630 replaces costly O-Rings that can be torn during installation.
BiSeal 0630 costs less than other forms of under-head sealing applications.

Biseal 0630 meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:

•Chrysler: MS-CD 51
•Ford: WSS-M21P27-A4,ESB-M4G80-A
•General Motors: GM 6039M

Performance of Material
Melting Point 284°F (140°C)
Softening Point 257°F (125°C
Volatile Organic Content 0%
Odor Slight
Specific Gravity 0.96
Performance of Cured Material
Adhesion 24 hours +158°F (+70°C)
Water Leak Test Aged 7 days +158°F (+70°C)
Cold Shock Test 50 min. -175°F +/- 27°F (-115°C +/- -3°C)
Paint Staining Material exposed to painted substrate + 174°F (79°C) for 168 hours
Heat Resistance Coated part subjected to 1 hour at 275°F (135°C)
Application into non-threaded substrate Insertion into 0.90 x 123 x 300 mm holes
Storage Store coated fasteners in a cool and dry location at room temperature

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