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Lock Screw(Expand-A-Seal ES0105)
Lock Screw(Expand-A-Seal ES0105)
  • Products Name: Lock Screw(Expand-A-Seal ES0105)
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Expand-A-Seal ES0105 is a unique microencapsulated expanding thread sealing and locking compound.

Expand-A-Seal ES0105 expands volumetrically 20-50% and fills gaps and voids in threads to create a positive seal against air and most automotive fluids.
Engaging the coated fastener allows two simultaneous reactions to take place. One reaction allows for the expansion of the material to fill any gaps or voids that may be present in the joint, the other reaction creates a fixture within minutes of assembly.
Expand-A-Seal ES0105 achieves full cure in 24 hours.

Use Expand-A-Seal ES0105 to seal critical applications where shock, vibration and fluid pressure cause the fastener to loosen or the joint to leak. Typical applications include engine pipe plugs, air fitting connectors, compressor fittings, cooling connectors and more.

Primary usage Heavy Duty Seal
Base Synthetic Resin
Color Normally Green (other colors available upon request)
Reusability No
Breakaway Torque Exceeds IFI 125 & IFI 525
Pressure Resistance In excess of 115 PSI (793 kPa)
Temperature Range -65°F to 300°F
Fixture Time 10-15 minutes at 72°F (22°C)
Full Cure Time 24 Hours at 72°F (22°C)
Shelf-Life 1 Year under recommended storage conditions

Low Prevailing On Torque: Assembles easily with common hand tools.
Exceptional Locking Power: Expand-A-Seal ES0105 is a sealant that will provide exceptional breakaway torque values in as little as one hour.
Long Shelf Life: Expand-A-Seal ES0105 will remain inactive on the part until engagement with a corresponding component.
Unaffected By Foreign Substances: Oil, gasoline, saltspray, acids, solvents, water, and air have no effect on Expand-A-Seal ES0105 when introduced after a final cure has been achieved. The cross-linked molecular structure of Expand-A-Seal ES0105 makes it one of the most resistant types of fastener adhesive available.
Saves Money: Expand-A-Seal ES0105 is less expensive than applying liquid user-applied pipe sealants at the point of assembly.
Storage: Product should be stored in a cool and dry location at temperatures between -10°C to 30°C. Optimal storage is 22+/-4°C. Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture when stored at 22+/-4°C.

Performance of Cured Material*
•M10 zinc phosphate plus oil bolt aluminum test plate 27 Nm (239 in. lb.) Typical Breakaway Torque
•M10 Zinc Plated bolt aluminum test plate 25 Nm (221 in. lb.)
•M10 Zinc Dichromate bolt aluminum nut 25 Nm (221 in. lb.)
*After 24 hour cure at 72°F (23°C)

Seal Test on Fluid Resistance**
•Brake Fluid +300°F (+150°C)
•ATF +300°F (+150°C)
•50:50 water/ethylene glycol +248°F (+120°C)
•Gasoline +77°F (+25°C)
**Coated parts assembled into aluminum block and submersed in the test fluid and heated for 30 days then tested at temperature for sealing and tested for breakaway torque when cooled. Assembled parts tested at 793 kPa (115 PSI).

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