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Lock Screw(Epoxy-Lock)
Lock Screw(Epoxy-Lock)
  • Products Name: Lock Screw(Epoxy-Lock)
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Epoxy-Lock is a powerful locking & sealing factory pre-applied thread adhesive that can be applied to male or female threaded fasteners of all sizes and configurations.

Epoxy-Lock remains inert until the coated fastener is assembled to its mating part. The forces of engagement crush the surface skin, mix the separate epoxy components and initiate a chemical reaction which locks the parts together.
Within minutes of assembly, Epoxy-Lock forms a bond between surfaces which can only be broken with a wrench. After 12 hours, Epoxy-Lock outperforms most nylon locking elements in first-off torque. After 24 hours, Epoxy-Lock has achieved up to 80% of its ultimate cure. Curing continues for up to 72 hours following installation.
As with all of our preapplied products, ND Industries can apply Epoxy-Lock to your fasteners at any one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with fasteners already coated with Epoxy-Lock.

Primary usage Heavy Duty Lock
Reusability Limited
Breakaway Torque Exceeds IFI 125 & IFI 525
Prevailing Torque Exceeds IFI 125 & IFI 525
Engagement Torque Minimal
Temperature Range -65°F to 392°F
Typical Coating Length 1.5 times thread diameter
Cure Time 72 hours at room temperature (reduced at elevated temp.)
Lead Thread Requirement None
Coating protection over threads None
Resin Systems Curing Resin
Standard Color Orange (blue and yellow available upon request)
Storage life of parts (before use) 2 years (extreme storage conditions affect shelf life)

Process: NDs skilled staff of engineers has developed a unique, highly repeatable, environmentally friendly fastener coating process.
Does Not Require Uncoated Lead Threads: Epoxy-Lock is a soft, pliable material that will not cause or contribute to cross threading.
Exceptional Locking Power: Extensive testing indicates that Epoxy-Lock provides two to four times greater breakaway torque than conventional "plastic" fastener locking devices.
Versatile: Epoxy-Lock is compatible with all materials (even plastics) and most finishes.
Surpasses Industrial Fastener Institute Standards: Epoxy-Lock meets or exceeds all torque requirements of IFI 125, IFI 525, as well as automotive adhesive coated fastener performance specifications.
Long Shelf Life: Once applied, Epoxy-Lock remains inert until a cure is activated by engagement with a mating thread.
Unaffected by Foreign Substances: Oil, gasoline, saltspray, acids, solvents, water, and air have virtually no effect on Epoxy-Lock after a final cure has been achieved. The cross-link molecular structure of Epoxy-Lock makes it solvent resistant.
Saves Money: ND Epoxy-Lock is less expensive than applying bottled thread locking compounds at the point of assembly. Eliminates the need for costly lockwashers, cotter pins or castellated nuts.

Epoxy-Lock meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:AUTOMOTIVE
•Chrysler: PF-6616, MS-CC-76
•Ford: ESS-M11P24-A1, ESS-M11P24-A2
•General Motors: GM6175M, GM6194M

•IFI: 125
•IFI: 525

•Detroit Diesel: 9S283, 80K15, ES15-230
•Delphi: DX520402, 520403
•Meritor (Rockwell): Q-43, Q-29
•Outboard Marine: 1767
•American Axel: MS-2408
•Auburn Gear: ETS-005
•Briggs & Stratton: GM6194M
•Copeland / Emerson: ES15-230
•McGard: Quality Standard #36
•Mercedes Benz: 14 125
•Monroe Auto Equipment: S-652

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