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Lock Screw(ND Strip)
Lock Screw(ND Strip)
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Normally a resilient bar of Nylon that is inserted into a slot which has been milled into a threaded fastener, ND Strip makes fasteners self-locking, self-sealing, and yet fully adjustable. Ideal for all types and sizes of commercial, automotive, and aerospace fasteners, ND Strip delivers outstanding performance in both high and low temperature extremes. Due to its compressibility, resiliency, and resistance to deformation, fasteners using ND Strip can be repeatedly removed and adjusted.

How ND Strip Works:
When assembled with a mating part the resilient ND Strip is compressed. The compressed engineered plastic (normally Nylon) Strip provides locking action in the thread instead of at the bearing surface due to its vibration dampening characteristics. In general, the resilience of ND Strip holds the fastener in place without adhesives or thread distortion. Due to its resilience, ND Strip can be repeatedly adjusted and reused.
ND Strip is normally positioned one to three threads back from the end of a fastener to assure ease of starting. Special strip positioning can be specified for specific applications. ND Strip location and length can be tailored to fit your needs.
As with all our pre-applied products, ND Industries can install ND Strip into your fasteners at any one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with fasteners that contain a pre-inserted ND Strip.

Material Reusability Temp Range Color
Nylon 6/6 15 Cycles -65°F to 250°F Typically Yellow
KEL-F 0 Cycles -320°F to 390°F Blue
Vespel 5 Cycles -450°F to 500°F Brown
Teflon 5 Cycles -450°F to 550°F White
Copper 5 Cycles -400°F to 400°F Copper
Stainless Steel 0 Cycles -400°F to 1200°F Silver

* KEL-F is a registered trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. ** Vespel and Teflon are registered trademarks of EI. Dupont De Nemours & Co. *** QPL-18240 and MIL-DTL-18240F requires yellow nylon.

Save Money: ND Strip can be inserted into virtually any fastener (standard or special). ND Strip fasteners require no costly lock-washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts. ND Strip provides close fits without the expense involved in attaining close tolerances. Moreover, ND Strip is less expensive than applying bottled thread locking compounds at the point of assembly.
Saves Time: Fasteners can be fed through an automated feeding device to improve your productivity and save time.
Wide adjustment range and long locking area: Wide Adjustment Range & Long Locking Area: ND Strip has a wide range of adjustment and a larger working area than most other locking elements.
Resistant to heat and cold: Nylon ND Strip meets and exceeds MIL-DTL-18240F, Type L for temperatures up to +250°F (+121°C). Using other materials, ND Strip can withstand temperatures as high as +1,200°F (+649°C).
Chemical resistant: ND Strip will not dry, shrink, or lose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oil, caustic soda, jet fuel, etc.
Reusable: Fasteners can be reused repeatedly without damage to threads.

ND Strip meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:MILITARY
•U.S. Military: MIL-F-18240E, MIL-DTL-18240F, MIL-N-25027
•Military: Various NAS, AN, and MS call outs.

•Chrysler: PF-5144, PF-6157, PF-6158
•Ford: ES-382101-S100, ES-378813-S100

•IFI: 124
•IFI: 524

•John Deere: JDT905
•Mack Trucks: 3/6 AXS5, 10 AMS1
•FMC: 126052
•Cummins Engine : 16,512-05

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