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Lock Screw(ND Pell It Soft Touch Tip)
Lock Screw(ND Pell It Soft Touch Tip)
  • Products Name: Lock Screw(ND Pell It Soft Touch Tip)
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ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is a pre-applied, environmentally friendly pellet of material inserted in set screw or bolt ends. The Pell-It permits full-face, cushioned contact with a curved shaft while ensuring a secure hold. ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is highly reusable and, depending on the type of material used, can be utilized in high temperature applications.

ND Industries will install ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip into your fasteners or supply you with factory pre-installed ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip fasteners. ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is normally available in Nylon or Brass, although other materials are available.
ND can make any of your fasteners self-locking and selfsealing utilizing a wide variety of unique products and processes.

Thread Size A Tip Protrusion B Tip Diameter
#2 1/32 1/32
#4 1/32 1/16
#6 1/32 1/16
#8 3/64 3/32
#10 3/64 3/32
1/4 1/16 1/8
5/16 3/32 3/16
3/8 3/32 3/16
1/2 1/8 1/4

ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is ideal for applications where it is necessary to make repeated adjustments to a gear or pulley on a shaft. This unique anti-marring fastening method will not raise burrs, thus circumventing break downs.

Protects: ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip prevents marring and scratching caused by metal-to-metal contact.
Insulates: In applications where an electrical current is present, Nylon ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip acts as a nonconductor, insulating metal-to-metal contact.
Versatile: ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip can utilize a number of materials to match your unique application requirements.
Saves Time: "Pell-Itized" fasteners can be automatically fed through standard feeding devices - speeding up your process and improving productivity.
Resists Heat and Cold: ND Pell-It meets and exceeds IFI Specifications 124, 524, and military Specification MIL-DTL-18240F Type N for temperatures up to +250°F (up to + 120°C).
Resists Chemicals: ND Pell-It is virtually impervious to a wide range of chemicals, water, and motor fluids. Pell-It will not dry, shrink, or lose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oil, caustic soda, jet fuel, and many other chemicals.
Outstanding Reusability: "Pell-Itized" fasteners can be reused repeatedly without damage to threads.

Primary usage Anti-marring locking device
Reusability Highly reusable (Depending on the material used)
Material Nylon, Brass and other materials (Contact ND for complete details)

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