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Sheet Metal Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
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Closely related to tapping screws, one can think of sheet metal screws (SMS) as a sub-category of the broader self-tapping category. The difference is mainly in the targeted application. Good SMS screws are able to pierce steel sheets of various gauges and hardness levels, with thread pitch and head underside designed to fasten two or more sheets firmly. Other esoteric applications of SMS screws include HVAC, where the screws are expected to seal in addition to fasten sheet metal ducts and similar structure. JC Grand sheet metal screws cover a broad range of specifications.
Head Type: Hex Washer, Pan, CSK Flat, Truss, Truss Washer, Oval
Drive Type: Hex, Hex Slotted, Philips, Philips Slotted, Torx, Slotted
Thread/Point Type: Sharp Point, Self-Drill Point Typical
Size: M2.2 (#2) - M6.3 (#14) Typical
Length: 6 mm (1/4") - 50 mm (2")

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