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Construction Screws
Construction Screws
  • Products Name: Construction Screws
  • High Quality Product
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Products Infomation

Manufacturing qualified Construction Screws for the demanding market is what we do best. For more than 25 years, we satisfied numerous clients with Construction Screws needs & requirements with excellent feedback. Not only for the quality of our Construction Screws products but the services, too.
We offer a large selection of Construction Screws for separate purposes on Construction Screws. Whether you are looking for standard Construction Screws or Custom Construction Screws, even OEM Construction Screws, we are confident that youll be way too satisfied by the Construction Screws we provided.
Construction Screws features:
1. High Surface Hardness & Soft on Core Hardness.
2. 45ºC Bending Curve (3-points curve testing).
It was strengthened to bear the critical requirements of construction with strong hardness and torque.
It also can be made as customers design or patent.
SpecificationStandard parts: DIN. IFI. BS. JIS. etc.
Safety/Quality ApprovalsISO/TS 16949 Certified Manufacturer
ISO 17025 Laboratory QM Systems
SPC(Statistic Process Control)-per customer requirements
PPAP documents available.

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