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Asia-Pacific Fastener News Magazine is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese fasteners to global markets in the hardware Industry.

This magazine is a monthly issue in English. It contains information of updated global fastener news and latest information on Taiwanese & Chinese fastener manufacturers......

Tianjin Huazhen Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Huazhen Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

Products List

Products Name/No.
Products Information
Concrete Screw Concrete Screw
Head Type T25/T30 Countersunk With Rib Diameter M6.0-M7.5 Length From 80mm-210mm Material C1022 Finish Yellow/Blue Zinc Plated
Self Drilling Screw Self Drilling Screw
Drive: Combination/Philips/Pozi/Slotted Thread Type :Coarse/Fine/Wing Teks Head Type Countersunk Wafer Pan Hex Washer Pan Framing Bugle Diameter M3.5(#6)/M3...
Self Tapping Screw Self Tapping Screw
Drive Type:Combination/Pozi/Phillips/Slotted Thread Type:AB Type Head Type Countersunk Wafer Pan Hex Washer Pan Framing Diameter M3.5(#6)/M3.9(#7)/M4...
Drywall Screw Drywall Screw
Head Type:Bugle/Wafer/Pan/Pan framing Thread Type:Fine/Coarse Drive Phillips Diameter M3.5(#6)/M3.9(#7)/M4.2(#8)/M4.8(#10) Length From 13 mm (1/2inches)to...
Chipboard Screw Chipboard Screw
Head type:Countersunk/ Pan / Raised Oval Thread type:Single Thread Drive Pozi Square Pozi+Slotted Diameter M3.0/M4.0/M4.5/M6.0 Length From 10mm to 254mm...
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