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Haining Bal-Mart Machinery Co., Ltd.
Haining Bal-Mart Machinery Co., Ltd.

About Us

The Company specializes in the production and sale of car and motorcycle maintenance equipments and tools, as well as other tools and supplies related to car and motorcycle. The products include car lift, hydraulic jack, engine hoist, press, portable jack, transmission jack, repair bench for motorcycle, emergency repair tool for vehicle and other necessary tool. After years of efforts, with the constant expansion of categories products and production scale, the Company has developed into a six-plant combined federal group and close connection and coordination between the plants has been built, which ensures the quality of products and date of delivery.
Both large and small customers can enjoy our high quality products and services. Over the years, we have won the recognition and support from our customers, and enjoy a relatively high reputation in the world.
Our products have been exported to Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Finland, Norway, Algeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil and so on.
We are located in Haining, Zhejiang Province. The Company is 150 km from Shanghai and 60 km from Hangzhou, with very convenient transportation conditions of highway and railroad.
Our purposes: to provide our customers the highest quality products as cheap as possible; regardless of the size of the customers, we treat customers with the attitude that we want to be treated by other people with.
Boldly try it and we will not make you disappointed.

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Company Name:

Haining Bal-Mart Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main Product:

Auto & Motorcycle Tools,Auto & Motorcycle accessories,Garage Tools & Equipment,Air Compressors,Hardware

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Main Markets:

North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe




No.571, West Shuiyueting Road,Haizhou Subdistrict, Haining City, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China


Mr. Tang Yuancai





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