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Asia-Pacific Fastener News Magazine is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese fasteners to global markets in the hardware Industry.

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About Us

A Company You Can Rely On
Founded in 1955 as the Nylok-Detroit Corporation, ND Industries has been providing top quality fastening and assembly related products and services to a wide variety of industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, appliance, and many more. NDs commitment to improvement has led to a continuous investment in the best equipment, facilities, and people to serve you. As a result, we have enjoyed significant growth and a unique position in the marketplace, assuring you that ND will be a valuable resource in the 21st century. With over 100 different products and services directly related to fastener locking, sealing, bonding, coating, and thread masking, its easy to see that ND can provide customer driven solutions to your unique fastening needs. In addition, NDs growing line of assembly related products designed to seal, cushion, insulate, temporarily retain, and control noise and vibration makes us the logical choice for your single-source supplier.
A Global Presence
ND owns and operates the largest group of facilities in North America. We are dedicated to providing innovative, affordable fastening and assembly related products and services. Our fastener processing plants are strategically located near major industrial centers. In addition, ND has licensees located throughout world.
A Vertically Integrated Company
In the high tech world of manufacturing, tolerances are tight and specifications are rigid. Consequently, locking, sealing, bonding, and assembly related products and processes designed to meet these requirements are generally associated with high cost, and in many cases, slow response times. As a vertically integrated supplier ND is a cost effective, highly responsive alternative to products and services from companies such as Loctite, 3M, Nylok, and Long-Lok. We exceed our customers expectations by providing personalized engineering consultation and customer driven product research and development. Our specialized team of chemists and laboratory facilities are second to none. ND owns and operates its own chemical manufacturing facility. NDs Manufacturing Engineers are hard at work designing and manufacturing custom application equipment that add unparalleled efficiency to our operations.
A Customer Service Dedicated Company
ND fastening solutions can be supplied to suit your specific needs. For instance, we pre-apply many of our products directly to our customer-supplied fasteners, in low or high volumes. In addition, we offer a turnkey service whereby we supply both the fastener and fastener processing. Finally, if your preference is for User-Applied products for your facility, ND has materials available bottled or in bulk for on the job application. Whenever you have a fastening and assembly related question, expert assistance is only a phone call away.

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