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Homn Reen Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Homn Reen Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

About Us

HOMN REEN is a manufacturing company founded in 1985.Our main product scope is on various screw.
For the time being, we employ over 180 people, and we export about 1700~2000 tons per month, and is still increasing.
High quality and high technology solutions have been appreclated by our customers in domestic market and abroad.
Our investments, modem machines and care of the customer will let us become a leading manufacturer in Taiwan.
The result of this care is also this catalogue which will enable you to leam about our production.
Here, on behalf of me and the whole staffs of HOMN REEN, we welcome your cooperation.

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Company Name:

Homn Reen Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Main Product:

Self Drilling Screw,Construction Screw,Roofing Screw,Composite Panel Screw,Concrete Screw,Metal Fastener,Self Tapping Screw,Machine Screw,Thread Forming Screw,Stainless Steel Screw,Wooden Building Fastener,Chipboard Screw,Drywall Screw,Callated Screw,Wood




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