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About Us

ScrewTech specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of screws, springs, Thermal Module Spring screws, machined parts, special parts and stampings. To best serve you, we have professional staff, automatic high speed machines, strict quality control systems, fast delivery and the highest level of customer service. Our plants in Taiwan and China are ISO 9000 certified and offer the same professional quality and service.
Meanwhile, our team of engineers will you meet design and manufacturing requirements for ODM/OEM solutions. We welcome your inquiries and orders of any size.

Corporate Overview

From its beginnings in 1998, ScrewTech Industry Corporation (ScrewTech) has since become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of precision screws and parts for both the domestic and international high tech industry. ScrewTech has prided itself on being able to cultivate dynamic relationships with customers, develop a depth of R&D experience, and meet strict customer demands and deadlines. Its production ranges from the manufacture of simple parts to a wide variety of finished precision screws, screw assemblies, machined parts and springs according to client requirements.

To meet the ever-growing demand from domestic and international customers, ScrewTech opened a 12000 m² plant in Wujiang (near Shanghai), China in 2001, later increasing plant size to 20000 m² in 2007. In 2002, ScrewTech moved its Taiwan headquarters to a 1500 m² facility in Taipei county and in 2008 opened a new 6000 m² plant in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan.

In its first year, ScrewTech acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification for its Taiwanese operations and later extended this certification to plant operations in China. In 2006 ScrewTech obtained ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification for its Taipei plant, adding greater value to its domestic and international clients. In 2007, the China plant acquired ISO 14000 certification.

The 2007 monthly total production was 80 million parts at the Taipei plant and 280 million parts at the China plant. In 2008 the projected output for the Kaohsiung plant is 50 million parts. These figures are expected to grow.

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Automotive Screws & Bolts, Special Compound Screws & Parts, Assembled Screws & Bolts, Springs & Clips, Electronic Screws & Parts




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