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Asia-Pacific Fastener News Magazine is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese fasteners to global markets in the hardware Industry.

This magazine is a monthly issue in English. It contains information of updated global fastener news and latest information on Taiwanese & Chinese fastener manufacturers......

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FASTTEC 2012 [ 3/13/2012~3/15/2012 ] Area:Moscow, Russia

MVK - International Exhibition Company
15, bldg. 1, Zubarev lane Moscow, 129164, Russia
Phone: +7-495-9358100
Fax : +7-495-9358101

Exhibition Introduction
1) Industrial fasteners and fixings (screws, self-tapping/thread forming screws, bolts, socket head products, nuts, studs and threaded rod, washers and pressed parts, blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts, cage nuts), locking devices and seals, pins and key, springs, clamps and rings, hot/cold forged fasteners and parts, stainless steel fasteners, non-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminum, copper), plastic and nylon fasteners, fastener assemblies and combinations, self-piercing/clinching fastener systems, collated industrial fasteners, security industrial fasteners, knobs/handles/finger turn fasteners, U-bolts, hook or eye products, non-metric fasteners, nails, staples and brads, special/to drawing fasteners, turned/machined parts, adhesives and tapes, other industrial fasteners and fixings)
2) Construction Fixings (concrete anchors, mechanical, chemical anchors and resins, light duty anchors and fixings, concrete screws, fašade and insulation fixings, interior fixings, wall plugs, drywall fixings and systems, wood/chipboard/decking screws, window screws/frame anchors, sanitary and plumbing fixings, nails, pins and staples, structural steel fasteners, self-drilling/tapping screws, security fasteners for buildings, stainless steel fixings, threaded rods and suspension fixings, roofing and solar installation fixings, hardware/DIY prepacks and assortments, brackets and connectors, other construction fasteners and fixings)
3) Assembly and Installation systems (automated fastener/assembly systems, feeding/discharging equipment, presses and insertion tools/equipment, riveting tools, equipment and systems, drivers and screw insertion systems, welding/soldering equipment, bonding and adhesive systems, assembly jigs and rigs, hand tools, clinching/self-piercing systems, nailing/stapling tools and systems, collated fastener systems, power tools, other assembly tools and equipment)
4) Storage, distribution, factory equipment
5) Information, communication and services, research/development, technical/business consultants, training and education, associations, publishers

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