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Home » Exhibitions » The 13th China (Guangzhou) Int'l Fasteners Spring & Equipment Exhibition 2012
The 13th China (Guangzhou) Int'l Fasteners Spring & Equipment Exhibition 2012 [ 6/19/2012~6/21/2012 ] Area:Guangzhou,China

Room 3A04-3A06, Building A1, Xinghui Park, Huaming Road 29,
Pearl River New City, Guangzhou, 510623, China
Tel: +86-20-38620782
Fax: +86-20-38620781

Succeed to the rich resources and experience of the twelve exhibitions , it attracts 200,000 professional purchasers. It has been attending by more than 30 countries business departments, and issued by more than 300 media, "The 13th China(Guangzhou)Int'l Fasteners, Spring & Equipment Exhibition"will be held in the largest exhibition center in Asia, we hope your coming show with elite teams, glorious images and Hi-tech products, because we make a preparation of all for you.
With the view of the world, experts predict that the largest exhibition in the line will be held in China in the future, hope that we can service satisfied for you by our endeavor.
We are sure that we can act as first-class bridge, first-class stage and create business opportunities for you.
Scope of exhibiting
1.Fasteners, parts and products for linking: \bolt\nut\ screw\rivet\column bolt\gasket\assembly
unit\coupling and the related products;
2.Fastener production equipment (forming machine,cold mound machine,end cutting machine, heading machine, rubbing gear machine, tooth rolling machine,strethching machine,wire drawing machine,automatic screening machine,vibration plate etc) and screw mould;
3.Matching raw materials for fasteners and spring production(spring steel wire,stainless steel wire);
spring equipment (numeriacal control rubs the reed machine,testing machine etc)
4.Tools for fastener application and fastening system;
5.Detecting apparatus and machinery, all kinds of parts and the related technology and equipments.
6.Washer and equipment

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