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  • Supplier:Yow Chern CO.,LTD
    Established since 1991 start with OEM screw production Accepted orders from oversea and direct trading company in 1994 Certified by MEA,Germany as qualified...
    Product: Screws, Aster Screw, Composite Deck Screw, Special Parts, Automobile Parts, Roofing Screw, Bi-metal Screw, Wedge Anchor, Screw Anchor, Window Screw, Special Nuts...
    SFE , Special Fasteners Engineering Co., Ltd. , located in Kaohsiung , Taiwan , manufactures an extensive line of screws including tapping screws, machine screws...
    Product: Screws & Bolts (Please attach your drawing and / or related specification to facilitate our quotation.Thanks.)
    There is an old saying " a small soldier makes great merits" in China, what does it mean is exactly screw. Fortunately, what our company do is just producing...
    Product: Material: Steel / Stainless Steel,Self Drilling Screws,Self Tapping Screws,Stainless Steel Screws,Special Design Wing Teks,Machine Screws,Thread Forming Screws...
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